Hi Friend,

With your support and perseverance, on Wednesday we at Busy Bee’s Organics finally received unanimous county board approval for our farming project. Though this is a momentous win for our family farm, workers, and the broader cannabis farming community, our victory is overshadowed by the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic exerts over every corner of our lives and community. Those of us deemed essential employees will continue to serve the community, and we hope that everyone can stay safe as this public health crisis continues.

While we know we will continue to face challenges and challengers as we move through the regulatory system, we are ready to continue alongside our amazing community of friends and professionals who have shepherded us through the maze of regulations, and stood by the science to build a stronger agricultural community.

You can read about the Board of Supervisors’ meeting HERE.

We are so grateful for the support each of you has shown throughout this process; we couldn’t have done it without you! Last night after the dust settled, Nate and I felt a mix of relief and gratitude. But what made us the happiest was an overwhelming sense of community. We hope that our victory will help pave the way for more projects to successfully navigate this system.

Thank you again, for your support and for sharing this journey with us.

Now we plant,

Sara and Nate

Photo from Voice Magazine