Frequently Asked Questions

Good Farmers Great Neighbors Quick Facts

  • Cannabis farming supports the highest wages in the agriculture industry, with a median salary of $58,000.

    Cannabis growth will provide $25 million in fees and revenue annually for Santa Barbara County.

  • Santa Barbara County is 96.5% agricultural and forest land.

    But less than 1% of Santa Barbara County’s agriculture land will be used for cannabis.

  • Cannabis uses less water than wine and beef, at only 2.4 cups of water per gram.

    Sun-grown cannabis takes 25 times less carbon and 18 times less energy than warehouse grown alternatives.

  • Legal cannabis growth is subject to over 100 pages of stringent regulations, and ending illegal operations is a top county priority.

    Cannabis is the only crop subject to the California Environmental Quality Act.

  • Over 62% of Santa Barbara County voters want cannabis, wine, and grape cultivators working together to promote tourism in the region.

  • Outdoor cultivation only produces 10-20 days of odor out of the calendar year, which local farmers are working to further mitigate.