Frequently Asked Questions

As part of Good Farmers Great Neighbors’ Public Education and Community Initiative, we have released an information-based presentation alongside a series of videos in an effort to help underscore our agriculture roots, commitment to science and pesticide-free farming, community support and economic vitality within our region.

You can find the videos on our YouTube channel.

Good Farmers Great Neighbors Quick Facts

  • Cannabis farming supports the highest wages in the agriculture industry, with a median salary of $65,000.

    Cannabis growth will provide $25 million in fees and revenue annually for Santa Barbara County.

  • Santa Barbara County is 96.5% agricultural and forest land.

    But less than 1% of Santa Barbara County’s agriculture land will be used for cannabis.

  • A majority of Santa Barbara County voters believe the wine and cannabis industries are complementary.

    Santa Barbara county voters treasure the wine industry, but rather than competing with it, feel that the local cannabis industry complements it. Read the summary from the Santa Barbara Cannabis Survey.

  • Cannabis uses less water than wine and beef, at only 2.4 cups of water per gram.

    Sun-grown cannabis takes 25 times less carbon and 18 times less energy than warehouse grown alternatives.

  • Legal cannabis growth is subject to over 100 pages of stringent regulations, and ending illegal operations is a top county priority.

    Cannabis is the only crop subject to the California Environmental Quality Act.

  • Over 62% of Santa Barbara County voters want cannabis, wine, and grape cultivators working together to promote tourism in the region.

  • Outdoor cultivation only produces 10-20 days of odor out of the calendar year, which local farmers are working to further mitigate.