Today, US House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler, along with U.S. Representatives Barbara Lee (CA), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), Hakeem Jefferies (NY) and Nydia Velasquez (NY) reintroduced the MORE ACT that will eliminate federal marijuana penalties, expunge certain federal cannabis records and create programs for individuals impacted by the war on drugs.

Click here to read the reintroduced MORE ACT.

Closer to home, a California Superior Court rejected all the legal agruments filed by anti-cannabis forces led by Blair Pence, President of SBCRC and his lawyers agianst Santa Barbara County’s environmental review and Busy Bee’s Organics (BBO) approved permit for cannabis cultivation.

*** Busy Bee’s Organics (BBO) represents only a handful of women and Latino cannabis farmers in the state of California.

See the Court’s final decision here.

Local news publications captured the moment:

Santa Barbara Independent, Big Win for Cannabis Industry in Superior Court, read here.

Lompoc Record, Judge rules against coalition’s effort to overturn permit for Buellton area cannabis cultivation, read here.

As we enter the Memorial Day weekend and give thanks to many who lost their lives and loved ones in defense of liberty, freedom and democracy – we are also reminded to stay resilient and hopeful in the pursuit of just causes. Cannabis farming is more than a vocation, it is our love of land and passion for freedom that liberates our spirits to be thankful every day.

Have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us and our community of farmers.

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Santa Barbara Independent, May 27, 2021

In a sweeping decision that puts a seal of approval on the county’s embrace of the fast-growing cannabis industry in rural areas, a Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge this week tossed out a citizens’ lawsuit that sought to shut down a 22-acre cannabis hoop-house operation on Highway 246.

Read more here.

Lompoc Record, May 27, 2021

Superior Court Judge Thomas P. Anderle denied the petition filed on behalf of Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis seeking to overturn a land use permit granted to Busy Bee Organics for a cannabis cultivation operation on Highway 246 west of Buellton.

Read more here.

Lompoc Record, March 3, 2021

General revenues that exceeded those expected when the budget was crafted last year include secured property taxes by more than $3.5 million, cannabis taxes by nearly $3.4 million, property transfer taxes by almost $2.5 million and sales taxes by more than $1.7 million.

“Cannabis has saved public services,” said 1st District Supervisor Das Williams, who said the county’s financial experience this year is “wildly different” from that of other jurisdictions.

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Santa Barbara Independent, February 16, 2021

…Raw Garden focuses primarily on the products themselves rather than marketing hype or shiny packaging. “Lifestyle brands are great and definitely something that’s tangible for a lot of companies,” said Al-Naser. “But when we’re talking about normalization, being able to highlight the product, the inputs, the process, and the practices that go into making that, that helps consumer confidence.”

“If you’re making medicine for little sick girls and old ladies, which is where our genesis comes from, you don’t want to be boastful or bragging about how cool your stuff is,” he explained. “We really try not to pound our chests too hard about anything. I think that detracts from the product, which should be the main focus.”

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