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Community Farmers and Neighbors Rally Around Busy Bee’s Organics

November 19, 2019

We are immensely proud of cannabis farmers Sara Rotman and her husband, Nate Diaz, for their exemplary hard work in earning unanimous support from the Santa Barbara County Planning Commissioners in a 5-0 vote, including a strong recommendation to approve from the County’s Planning Department Staff and Consultants.

After Lengthy Appeal Process, North County Cannabis Farm Prevails

November 8, 2019
Buellton, CA – After an appeal hearing on October 30th that resulted in a continuation on November 7th, Sara Rotman and husband Nate Diaz can finally get back to farming. Sara and Nate have operated Busy Bee Organics, a legal cannabis farm in Buellton, since 2015. But their farm, both business and sole source of income, as well as their family home, became jeopardized by an appeal against the farm’s land use permit.

Cannabis Farmers Release “Informational Toolkit” to the Public

October 30, 2019
Buellton, CA – As an emerging crop, farmers and elected officials alike are navigating the waters of regulated cannabis. Establishing advanced farming, operational and resource management practices, cannabis farmers are identifying best practices to share with other crop farmers, catalyzing growth in the local economy and creating a new source of revenue to fill municipal budget shortfalls. In a new informational presentation, Good Farmers Great Neighbors seeks to promote transparency around how cannabis has impacted Santa Barbara County, from acreage used to jobs created.

Cannabis Farmers Work to Engage Community: New Videos Demonstrate Commitment to Santa Barbara County’s Agricultural Economy

October 18, 2019
Buellton, CA – Good Farmers Great Neighbors, a coalition of legal cannabis farmers in North County, has released a series of videos in an effort to help underscore their agriculture roots, commitment to science and pesticide-free farming, community support and economic vitality within the local region.

Cannabis Cultivation to be Recognized, Measured, and Valued Like All Other Agricultural Crops in California

October 4, 2019
Buellton, CA – John De Friel, a founding member of the Good Farmers Great Neighbors, stated that “California Cannabis farmers, especially many [of us] who have transitioned from traditional crop farming and are moving toward a more diverse cultivation model that is more sustainable are very pleased, and applaud the Governor for signing SB 657 and SB 527.”

Is a New Tourism Trend on the Horizon in Santa Barbara County?

September 9, 2019
Buellton, CA – Good Farmers Great Neighbors, a collective of North County cannabis cultivators and advocates, is working with community residents and businesses to find new ways to enhance Santa Barbara County’s agritourism. The County’s unique climate yields ideal conditions and terroir for both wine and cannabis cultivation, along with a variety of other crops. Using Sonoma County as an example, it is clear that the wine and cannabis industry can both thrive together and complement one another.