This week the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC), a newly formed strategic alliance of progressive equity and cannabis national leaders, issued their policy priorities for the new Congress. A few of their priorities include:

  • De-scheduling cannabis from the list of controlled substances
  • Building upon the MORE Act passed by the House of Representatives
  • Support for meaningful social equity policies and programs

More importantly, USCC ( asked President Biden to consider an executive order to pardon all non-violent federal cannabis offenders and expunge criminal records associated with non-violent cannabis-related offenses. In California, through Proposition 64 and the leadership of both former Governor Jerry Brown and Governor Newsom, we have been leading the way on social equity initiatives and restorative justice reforms. We support these measures nationally, and remain hopeful that both the President and the Congressional Leadership move in unison to enact them into federal law relatively soon.

In Santa Barbara County, we are fiercely committed to ending the food insecurity issues faced by our most vulnerable populations, especially in North County. The county has the 3rd highest rate of food insecurity in the state, and we must be resilient with our ongoing partnership with the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County to deliver food and other vital resources to families and children in need. Please take a moment and donate here.

Finally, we would like to highlight one of our local farmers, Khalid Al Naser – who shares his passion for farming in a “The Cannabis Corner” feature in the Santa Barbara Independent, written by reporter Matt Kettmann. You can read about Khalid’s story here.

Let’s continue our strong support for community engagement and advocacy as we face an ever changing regulatory and political landscape this year.

Together We Will Thrive,

Sara and John

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