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The 2017 Census of Agriculture reports that there are more women directly involved in operations than in previous years.
Why does this matter?
Because when you can see others who look like you accomplish something, it gives you the hope, drive, and the desire to succeed as well. A quote from FarmHer is, “Images change perceptions. Perceptions become reality. A new reality means equal treatment, pay, opportunities, involvement and recognition.” That is why a 15.47 percentage point increase is such a huge deal.
In the 2012 census, women were principal operators of 13.66 percent of farms in the United States. In the 2017 census, that number grew to 29.13 percent.
A little more than 36 percent of American producers were women as reported by the 2017 census, which was an increase from 31.5 percent in 2012.
This means over 500,000 more women are now principal producers on their farms or ranches than in 2012. Over 250,000 more women are involved in agriculture in any capacity than in 2012.


Here closer to home, we have women pioneers who are at the pinnacle of innovation and creativity in farming and cannabis cultivation. Last week, the Santa Barbara Independent profiled these women of courage on their cover entitled “The Agro Women of Santa Barbara County”, by Ninette Paloma. Take a view here.
Here are some of their observations about farming, cultivation and related activities.
  • “Just take a look around our Farmers’ market” – Noey Turk of Yes Yes Nursery
  • …”Being surrounded by family and animals and mother nature feels soulful in a way that I could have never imagined.” – Kirsten Becker, Farmer, Valley Heart Ranch
  • “There’s so much wonder outdoors and it’s so empowering to know you have the ability to raise your own food.” – Clara Cadwell, Farmer Tutti Frutti Farms
  • “We take pride in the work that we do…and we consider ourselves part of one collective family.” – Maria “Lupe” Monroy, Farm Team Leader, Stolpman Vineyards
  • “As women, it’s in our DNA to gather information…because we’ve been historically marginalized, we’re appropriately skeptical and less dogmatic about the next thing, which is why I value your voices first.” – Sara Rotman, Farmer, Busy Bee Organics, addressing a crowd of female farmers, winemakers, politicians, hospitality leaders and neighbors.
  • “Cultivating the mind and spirit encourages a deep connection to our food sources and land, something most of us are missing in our daily lives.” – Chiara Shannon, Owner, Yogi Sommelier Wellness
Join us in support of all farming, especially sun grown, pesticide free cannabis cultivation providing an equal opportunity for many of our community to fully participate and benefit economically – creating more than 4,000 jobs countywide.
New guidelines to provide public comment to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors:
To make a general public comment or to comment on a specific agenda item, the following methods are available:
  • Distribution to the Board of Supervisors: Submit your comment via email prior to 5 p.m.. on the day prior to the Board meeting. Please submit your comment to the Clerk of the Board at: [email protected]. Your comment will be placed into the record and distributed appropriately.
  • By Phone: If you would like to make a comment by phone, please call (805) 568-2240 and state your name, your phone number and which item you would like to speak on and the clerk will call you at the appropriate time. Please make every effort to be available and mute all streaming devices once it is your turn to speak.
  • You may observe the live stream of the Board of Supervisors meetings on:
Thank you, as always, for your continued support. Together, we will thrive as good farmers and great neighbors.



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