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“For more than 5 years, North County cannabis farmers have been reaching out and developing partnerships with community groups, collaborating with independent wine grape producers, and creating jobs that will sustain economic activity during the most challenging times. We are internally delighted that the voters of Santa Barbara County support our mission and efforts to continue to build a foundation of shared prosperity.” – Co-Founders of Good Farmers Great Neighbors, John de Friel and Sara Rotman.


Earlier this year, we polled over 500 County voters on the economic, environmental, and health benefits in cannabis cultivation.

It won’t come as a surprise to most of us that voters responded with an overwhelmingly positive opinion of cannabis and its benefits for our community. Governor Newsom’s recent order declaring cannabis businesses as essential has only further validated our work. Take a peek at the polling memo here.

  • 68% of local voters supported extending right to farm protections for cannabis growers.
  • Even before the most recent economic downtown already 61% of Santa Barbara County voters strongly appreciated the revenue brought in by cannabis taxes.
  • 63% of voters further noted the environmental benefits from cannabis’ organic and pesticide-free cultivation.

The results of this groundbreaking survey go beyond their local assessment, and have important statewide and national implications as more communities begin to see the longer-term economic, social, and environmental benefits of cannabis tax revenue.

Views from Cannabis Leaders across the State and Country

“This survey is reflecting what we’ve known since the passage of Prop 64, that cannabis farming should be viewed equally to any other agricultural crop and have ‘Right to Farm’ status.” — Kristin Nevedal, Founder and Chair of the International Cannabis Farmers Association.

“Voters in Santa Barbara County are expressing a view we’ve been hearing across the state from policy makers that the cannabis industry has the potential to spur economic growth, create local jobs, and bring essential revenues to local government.” Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

“With movement at the Nation’s Capitol to provide banking for essential cannabis companies, it is no surprise that this survey shows a microcosm of the industry’s progress. It provides additional momentum for Members of Congress to advance federal legislation for inter-state commerce next year.” — Randal Meyer, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce.

June 2nd Board of Supervisors Meeting

Santa Barbara County’s perception of the industry’s economic, social, and environmental benefits represents a roadmap for successful cannabis implementation and collaboration nationwide. But we still have work to do here at home. On June 2nd, County Supervisors will be meeting to discuss cannabis regulations again. View the agenda, send an email and learn how to get involved on the day here.

Throughout this process, our farmers have been grateful to you and the greater county for standing by their side. Now more than ever, they remain dedicated to bolstering the county’s economic wellbeing and giving back to their neighbors.

Thank you, as always, for being a great neighbor!


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