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As the owner of Central Coast Agriculture (CCA) and co-Founder of Good Farmers Great Neighbors, John De Friel has worked tirelessly to develop cannabis as an emerging agricultural crop in North County. Learning from other farmers, he’s taken the time to incorporate decades of technological advancements in row crop farming with innovative technologies for water conservation and soil fertility, including hoop-houses, plastic mulch and drip irrigation.

Watch John’s ag beginnings, work to revitalize ag acreage in North County and plans for the future of ag tourism

Like so many of his peers, John and CCA have not been immune to permit challenges. After nearly two years, the County Planning Commission will be reviewing John’s permit on October 28th.

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It takes all of us to promote the farming practices that tap into our proud agricultural traditions, benefit the environment and improve crop efficiency.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. Together, we will thrive as good farmers and great neighbors.

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